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Here are some FAQ’s to help you make the most of your training experience! If you have any further questions or feedback, please let us know by emailing Your experience is important to us. Think big!


Q: What devices can I use to run classes?

A: You can access the POWER BRAINing training on any computer (desktop, PC or Mac), most smart TVs, and most smartphones and tablets! However, some older smartphones and tablets may not be able to access POWER BRAINing (or other websites) due to discontinued support from companies such as Apple. That said, whatever device you’re using to read this can be used to run our classes 😉

Q: How do I go to Full Screen when watching a recorded class?

A: The Full Screen button is in the bottom right corner of the player (it looks like two arrows pointing in opposite directions). Simply hover the cursor over the bottom potion of the screen and click the icon.

Q: How do I turn off "Autoplay", so the next class does not automatically start?

A: The Autoplay button is at the bottom right side of your screen. Click to toggle it on and off!


Q: Can I cast my training from my device onto my TV?

A: Absolutely! Connect your computer or device to your TV via HDMI cable to view your classes on a larger screen without the need for a Smart TV. You can also use Google’s Chromecast, or any other casting technology, to display the classes on your TV.

Q: Can I use Fire Stick to view my classes on my TV?

A: Yes! Find the “Silk” browser in the App section of your Fire Stick. Type in and log in to start training. Bookmark the page by clicking the star icon for quicker access next time.


Q: How are classes within a program different from one another?

A: Each program was designed to meet a specific need. Classes in a given program will follow a similar format and will feature similar types of exercises. However, every class features a unique set of specific exercises, to keep things interesting and effective. As a bonus, some Thrive 35 classes put focus on specific skills (balance, or visual tracking, etc.), and are labeled accordingly. This makes it easier for you to work on those specific areas, if you’d like.

Q: How often should I train?

A: Like most fitness programs, the more often you train, the greater you’ll benefit. You will feel a difference after just one POWER BRAINing™ class. But for optimal, longer-lasting benefits we recommend training at least twice a week, if not daily 😉

Q: Should I do classes in order?

A: We recommend doing classes sequentially, as it may help you track your progress. That said, if a particular class is really “doing it for you,” take it as many times as you like! Also, some of the Thrive 35 classes focus on specific skills (and are labeled accordingly). Use these to hone an area of interest.

Q: I have trouble doing some of the movements. Can I do different movements?

A: Absolutely! Modify your movements based on what is best for you. If you have a medical issue, please consult your doctor before training. Also, many of the challenges have multiple video coaches providing alternative movements. Follow along with the coach who suits you best.

Q: Some of the exercises ask me to do two things at once. This is hard for me. What should I do?

A: Don’t worry; this happens with most people. If you have difficulty with a challenge that asks you to do two things at once, just do one part of the challenge. As you improve over time you can start to do both parts of the challenge.

Q: Can I incorporate sport-specific “skill movements” into the POWER BRAINing™ training?

A: If you’re looking to develop your sports skills, you’re probably taking MAX classes! To develop your sport’s “skill movements,” it’s best to incorporate them into the “Cardio-Cog™” portion of the class; simply substitute your skill movement for movement demonstrated by the video coach. (For example, if the video coach is running in place a soccer player may practice rapid foot movements instead. You can also add your skill movement when doing “Think Fast” challenges. This will boost your cardiovascular health, help you make better decisions under physical duress, and hone your sport-specific prowess at the same time.

Q: Why are there multiple avatars/coaches on the screen?

A: We provide multiple avatars/video coaches to help safely guide people with different abilities and limitations. Follow along with the video coach whose exercise suits your physical abilities best.

Q: I really want to challenge myself. Can I make it harder?

A: We really like your style! You can amp up difficulty – and effectiveness – in several ways. Try running in place or balancing on one foot during the cognitive challenges. Or, try turning up the intensity during “Cardio-Cog™” challenges. You can also run in place during many of the “Rapid Reaction™” challenges. As a bonus, when you increase physical intensity, you experience enhanced cognitive benefits as well, as your brain is forced to adapt and respond more effectively!