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POWER BRAINing’s science-based programs combine physical and cognitive challenges to help you think better, move better, and feel better!  There are programs for a range of needs and abilities.  Pick from the programs below!



LIVE STREAMED CLASSES now included in your subscription!

You now have  TWO options for doing POWER BRAINing™, without leaving your home!

  • RECORDED CLASSES:  Run prerecorded POWER BRAINing™ classes anytime you like.  Just click on the class you want and your on your way!
  • LIVE STREAMED CLASSES:  For a limited time, we are running LIVE POWER BRAINing™ CLASSES a few times a week!  Live Classes contain the same powerful training content as the recorded classes, but a professional POWER BRAINing™ instructor will be online with you, providing additional guidance and motivation.

There’s more!  After each Live Class, you can stick around for the online “Social Session”.  Social Sessions are about 15 minutes long, providing a great opportunity to meet and talk to the instructor and the other members.  We will socialize, learn and grow together as part of the rapidly expanding POWER BRAINing™ community.

Click here to see the Live Class Schedule, or scroll down this page for details about the various POWER BRAINing™ programs.


  • Fall Prevention Program
  • For Mobility & Memory

Get our confidence back! These fun, 35-minute classes target the key skills needed to move better and think faster on your feet: balance, leg strength, reaction time, processing speed, and memory.  This is a game changer.


  • Total Brain & Body Fitness
  • For beginners or those experiencing mild to moderate decline in physical or cognitive fitness

In these fun 35-minute classes you will enjoy a special blend of physical and mental challenges, designed to enhance overall wellness.  You will not believe the difference it makes!

MAX 35

  • Total Brain & Body Fitness
  • For Active Adults & Students

If you’re looking to stay fit and prevent cognitive decline, you’ll love this program. These 35-minute classes target a wide range of mental and physical skills, while also reducing stress.

ViVE 12

  • Quick Wellness Boost
  • For All Ages

Treat yourself!  These powerful 12-minute sessions reduce stress, awaken you mind, and energize your body.  It’s great way to start your day strong, recharge after lunch, or reset at the end of a long day.

ViVE 23

  • Total Wellness Boost
  • For All Ages

Do you need a physical and mental reset?  These comprehensive 23-minute sessions reduce stress, activate your mind, and energize your body.  It’s a great way to start the day, or as a mid-day boost.  You will be amazed by the change it makes!


  • Dementia Care
  • For Dementia Sufferers & Caregivers

If you are the caregiver for someone special, this program can change your life.  These fun, easy-to-follow classes will add joy and energy to your day, and theirs!  You’ll enjoy quality time with your loved one while helping them engage their minds and their bodies.

Sample Challenges

We have hundreds of powerful challenges to train your brain & body together!


Check out these fun sample challenges…

* Results of POWER BRAINing training will vary for each individual. For best results, training should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition and sleep. The BRAINing Center is not a medical provider, and does not diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any medical condition.  POWER BRAINing is exclusively intended for the personal use of the paid subscriber; resale of this service, in any way, is strictly prohibited without expressed written consent of The BRAINing Center, LLC.  For more information see our TERMS OF SERVICE.