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POWER BRAINing™ is Changing Lives

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As the result of a terrible car accident, Sue suffered a life-changing traumatic brain injury. This sweet, brilliant, amazingly-accomplished woman faced challenges beyond imagination. She was desperate when she heard about the POWER BRAINing classes. Clich to read her testimonial.
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Candy comes to POWER BRAINing™ 3 days a week, and feels the benefits with every-day activities, especially with her driving.
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Raksha loves the POWER BRAINing™ class and can't get enough of it. She has noticed marked improvements in many cognitive areas. She was surprised and excited that it gave her such a solid cardiovascular workout, as well as cognitive training.
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George really enjoys the challenges of the Rapid Reaction™ training, which "get his competitive juices flowing". He loves being challenged both physical and mentally at the same time!
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Joan can't say enough about POWER BRAINing™. She has seen real benefits from all aspects of the class. She even uses the special breathing techniques in her daily life, to ensure she's getting proper oxygen to the brain. She "needs this class" and feels the benefits after each session.
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Diane really enjoys the class. It has prompted her to be more proactive in her life. She now actively researches the brain, to learn as much as she can about improving her brain health. She understands that taking care of the brain requires a holistic approach and, for her, POWER BRAINing™ is a crucial piece in that puzzle.
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Barbara loves the POWER BRAINing™ class, and thinks it should be done nationally. She actually feels herself improving both cognitively and physically.
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