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Research shows that healthier, happier, less “stressed” employees exhibit higher levels of morale, productivity and job satisfaction, as well as increased longevity in their positions. This can translate to lower turnover, faster achievement of organizational goals, and higher levels of overall corporate success.

At The BRAINing™ Center (“TBC”), we work with organizations of all sizes, helping employees, and their families, lead happier, healthier lives. This low or no-cost benefit can be added to any organization’s existing benefits plan and can be implemented immediately.

Our cutting-edge POWER BRAINing™ programs take a comprehensive, body-brain approach to create positive and lasting changes in all facets of health: physical, mental, and emotional. Leveraging the latest advancements in applied neuroplasticity, these programs combine specific Physical, Cognitive, Multi-sensory, Breathing, and Mindfulness Challenges.

We have a range of Wellness Plans to suit your needs. Our group-fitness classes seamlessly integrate into your office environment. We also have engaging online classes to improve the wellness of your staff, and their families, at home. There are hundreds of classes for all ages, abilities and needs… Decision Making and Executive Function, Stress Management, Physical Performance and Cardio, Caregiver Wellness, and even Dementia Care.

Setting you up with a Wellness Plan is fast and easy. In many cases we can have you up and running the same day.

Call us today to find out how your employees, and their families, can start to immediately enjoy the benefits of a Better Brain, Better Body, and Calmer Mind, at little to no cost to your organization.

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